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Spirituality Meets Psychology: A Killer Combination to Live your Best Life

Obviously I am a psychologist, and have lived and breathed it since I have been a teenager. I am a big proponent that the unconscious is in charge of our behaviors and reactions in the world. Our unconscious can greatly interfere with us getting what we say we want. This is the work of therapy - and gaining awareness - so we can be in charge of ourselves.

I am also a big believer in the spiritual world. I believe there is something bigger than us - an energy - operating at all times. For some what I call energy, they call God. It’s the same principle - no matter what faith you embody. I credit this ‘energy’ for bringing us opportunities, and lessons...but we may miss them based on lack of awareness, and our personalities unconsciously sabotaging things for us.

In my practice, once we have established enough of a connection and understanding of the personality shifts we need to make, I enlist everyone in exploring their spiritual side. For some, it's solely getting them med…

Why You’re Still Single (And How to Change That) Part II - How to Break the Subconscious Contract

Why You’re Still Single (And How to Change That)  Part II - How to Break the Subconscious Contract

If you’re having difficulty forming a love relationship of your own because you’re subconsciously putting your parent’s emotional needs first, I’m going to ask you to perform an “Emotional Parental Amputation.”  

The reason I call this an amputation is because it’ll feel like you’re losing a part of yourself (an “emotional limb”), which is very traumatic.  If you don’t perform an emotional parental amputation, you’ll never be free.  

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a relationship with your parents.  I think our relationship with our parents is extremely important.  However, you need to shift the way you connect with them so the connection becomes adult-to-adult, versus child-to-parent.  

At first, you may worry you’re creating a situation that will be difficult for your parents, but this will be just as hard for you.  As you take these five steps, be prepared to grieve and feel loss.  It’s…

Why You’re Still Single (And How to Change That)- Part I

Why You’re Still Single (And How to Change That)- Part I

"I'm normal, attractive and have a good personality, so why am I still single?”

By all measures, my NYC clients are the most motivated, savvy and successful -- but they’re also the most terrified.   They’ve inexplicably struggled in their pursuit of long lasting relationships and love.  And they want to know why.

My response is always the same: “Tell me about your parents.”

Like most of my clients, you probably come from a very loving family. You might not think of this as cause for concern, but in fact, it may be at the very root of why you’re perpetually single.

Outwardly, you seem independent.  You’re happy with your living situation, career, and financial status.  You have a great circle of friends. You may even consistently find yourself in relationships, thinking you just haven’t found “The One.”  So you may not realize that the core reason you haven’t been able to “close the deal” with another person is an over-connec…