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Dating in the Age of the Apps

For those of us a bit older, remember what it was like when you did not meet someone organically? First it was the personal ads in the back of New York Magazine, and then it was

Now it is as easy but really as hard as a swipe to the left or right based on a photo.

There are two experiences I hear about all of the time. The first is that a person cannot seem to get a date. Either they are not matching with people or never get passed the initial texting phase. For others, they get a million dates but it is so hard to find someone that you feel a connection with.

This makes app dating another forum for rejection, frustration, competition, disappointment, anxiety and depression.

What else comes with app dating? The pressure from outside influences, typically your loved ones, who look at it and believe its so easy to date. Just swipe and magic! So-and-so met on an app, so it must be simple! The ease of it is deceiving.

When anyone finds it hard, they look to outside re…