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Don’t Get Stuck in Regret

Don’t Get Stuck in Regret

The theme of my week personally and professionally (which happens so often) is: You really can’t change the past. No matter how much you try, wish, cry…what’s done is done. Too often, too many of us get stuck in the trying – or get stuck in regret.

This week, I happened to run into some people from my past that reminded me of love lost, friendships that didn’t survive, and some painful moments when I’d done/experienced things that didn’t represent me at my best. At this stage of the game, I don’t feel regretful very often, but this week, I found myself back in the same old feelings of days long gone. As always, I took to my chair for meditation, and used my tools to put it all back where it belonged. I had to get back to me, and stay present in my life today.

 Most of my clients this week had a theme of being stuck in regret. It was so ironic that I was in the middle of doing the same round of work on myself that I was asking them to do. Since I was so raw in …

Too Self-Conscious?

This picture of me from the ‘70s makes me nostalgic for the days when nothing in the world made me self-conscious... not even my ridiculously frizzed-out hair!  What happened to that carefree and happy little girl!?  When and why did I start taking self-care so seriously?  Given that even this past year when I had four surgeries, I barely missed a blowout or a manicure, have I gone too far?

We all grow up and become aware of ourselves in new ways.  Our expectations change both internally and from society.  I believe in grooming and self-care that helps us feel our best.

That said, when does it represent something else that needs to be examined?  For example, are you watching your diet and exercising because you care about health or because you want to be skinny at all costs?  Are you spending your savings at the plastic surgeon’s office, and often thinking about what you’ll “fix” next?

I speak from no high horse here.  Especially as I get older, I struggle as I ask myself: What am I …